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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  February 24, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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things are waking up with us. i'm wayne dawson.e his demented of what's happening.. it's a cold rain. let me be a touch of free we need to keep an eye on this because there is some shallow coldo air right along the shoreline stretching from mentor to bowling green. most of us now seeing general rain this is a composite radar and this is likeke rain found new philly at people and avon lake
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this is going to be interesting. they say in the high 40s that's our forecast for later on this afternoon.n. come out of the northeast of it out of the southeast later on until well after midnight tonight. we are experienced public near policece slow it down. one vehicle involved they do have the area blocked off as you had towards north hampton if you
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local access is maintained good morning westlake you're wakinga up to this.
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oh wayne are break apart.t. not that occurred with the canton fire department has to try to move on without thompson tonya to try to help them cope. the investigation continues as ran into traffic.ff police say she was headed home fromol cleveland with her husband to accept the wheel. he pulled over so they he could discuss directions the husband
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altercation inside the car it was just a disagreement over directions and verbal to spare. they say the husband did not get out of the car without warning shield from mentor and start is i don't know this man.n. if you've ever met my mom or even talk to you would know she was never ever suicide. an autopsy was planned yesterday for tonya the fire department selfless service is it will be determined at a later date a lot of snow and dances every timei you hear you just feel so sad for the family thank you very much me route to clinton and who spent decades in prison for
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being compensated --tt both receive hundreds of thousands of dollars pfisterer a third man ricky jackson has received $1 million so far there all sentenced to death m for a 1975 murder then we're exonerated fourth after a witness recanted it happened in mansfield someone death is prepared them with a fire they f say that she was also you mayay see it it it appears to have been tortured help the docks recovered volunteer say her appetiteh has come back and they will make a full recovery.
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it was really for an annual sales tax rate weekend but it passed by a 31-1 vote. house lawmakers will consider the plan he will deliver the speech is also delivered in 5:36 a.m. is your time weather and traffic every eight minutes just as ar white northeast ohio community considering applying for people to pay more to get into the doorococo heroin healthcare ramp to fight fire with fire will critics.
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because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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there we go. a little garbage for you this morning. we're going to be very happyv this way it's going to rain like crazy. start with scott scott sabol. along the shore way and
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just going to last a little while as we look at the temperatures notice looked up to mentor at 33 with the big range in temperatures this afternoon south of akron we should be intoin the lower 50s we stay in the high 40s in cleveland or 40s out there sanduskyn thatat temperature range will be critical later on in the news this morning there considering a new tax on ticketed event.
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could become law by the summit todd meany joins us live at how things work.t the mayor's visitors since he's note available and refused to give him the opportunity to say yes or no after an interview. here's what we know so far a people we spoke to were not too
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it's expensive and off without this unnecessary and should not be if it does become law july 1 this comes as early march saysa movie is $10 which you new line to pay to that w goes still do it. thank you. an annual harvest for hundred campaign shout underway fox 8 gave spiegel taking partrt in the
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point there hoping they say yes. highly dangers highlighting the why experts say drivers should reallyri just avoid the big b celebration today at fark fit. many of our viewers sent
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heaven spelled backwards tune in tonight more photos throughout the day and you can see all the
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welcome to patty harkin we're seeing rain this morning talking with folks out lorraine county out towards vermillion. no freezing rain to the hits will they have theirerno salt trucks outa on first super we had a fatal accident down and akron akron policeow tell me they do have best road closed t if you live in that area yes, you are allowed access this is the inin about perch no issues as you head into town a few more carsw out and about. so the flight impact your morning commute and keep in mindpa to have this wealth this also p.m. scott fors again. you actually learn a lot.o
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here's what's happening now and what it does is a kind it takes a sample of the atmosphere and we knew get those different youyo get the shape this pink kit and other times you get the shades of green is patty mentioned at the surface his his throat for some freezing rainin movement on all this is generally to thet north and will start to increase in all for all speed as the morning goes on temperatures along the lake erie shoreline will start to set a record for the better chances seen snow up today for us it's all rain we have a strong northeast went with it brunswick them adina
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public down to 39 in 40s in new philly. it's for the mostmo part freezing rain threat will be allowed to enter later this morning.e we won't see any of that severe weathere will start to lift up into western ohio with the snow one the backside of this again, the temperatures are steadilyly climbed 40 feet in columbus 45 in cleveland0 that snow and rain snow lightow is an even into northern ohio as the temperatures continue to it's going t to push the snow packed to the at least for right nowsn we have a cold rain we mentionedio the threat for some freezing rain here early on in the race
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middle 40s there will be a huge range in temperatures from point-to-point with f rainfall amounts most of us will get a good inch of rain as we start to transition back over to wet snow we could see pockets of dry weather this evening before we get that transition back over to snow highlighted some snow we startedme pushing it a littlei further west. and now were going to back off on that just a little bit as us will take more than a westerly track.e it's a pretty good estimate that's not today and by friday most of thatfr should be gone as the temperatures should dropou into the 20s back up into the
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rain and wet fox 8 news is your official school closing station. it's just a regular little snow.lo as you species been so nice. thank you. it may not be surprised that didn't check toha driving is that of one class of car crashes across the nation researchers examined more thanna that have accidents involving drivers region for teenagers to thatol i'll do that they found that nearly 75 percent of crashes inn fault driver error for the distracted driver responsible for two thirds of that's the biggest distractions route usingatt a reaching for his cell phone the study also found justju choosing as cell phone quadrupled the of which crash. i'm man is proposing a new
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happen the facility would also offer clean needles and services tod fight the addiction the mayor says it would stop people from overdosing and dying on the streets critics say thatin the proposal and shoot at encourages drug abuse. 5:52 a.m.m. weather and traffic every eight minutes is just
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welcome back. amazon has pulled the plug on hoverboards this. they quietly stop selling thehi devices this week the decision came a few days after thes consumer product safety commission call them unsafefe addingaf they pose an unreasonable risk of fire they have been b linked to several face around the country amazon is offeringff refunds to customers who filed complaints about the scooters
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five after getting stuck 65 stories off the police say this cap folding they were left dangling in the win for more than an hour emergency crews cutts your window secure them with herbs and able to pull them into the building firefighters say they are very grateful to the insideilht 555 and that scary. that's which you callar the dangersou of the job. pretty much. big time.o it's only going to get stronger temperatures are steadily climbing rain is moving from south to north and look at the temperatures in clevelands will be up into the lower middle 50s south of akronll it should
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doesn't really xers sometime until overnight tonight how much will we get. we'll talk about that at the top of the hour. thank you. your time right now is 5:55 a.m. weather and traffic after losing has brought an island with now has a back why he needed a little patients to give it back end where it was found. the ohio primary is now three weeks awaye suggests that john k-6 may not even when his own sake as we had to break here's a live look at i 77 and for 80 patty harkin will be back with a
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when people misplace things is sometimes take some time to time to find assignment again. patients as a virtue for an island man who had just gotten his wallet back feeling took
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he lost a laws as a teenager row working in an old movie theater occur owner found it in the renovations. was plastic en they use them for from them all to track down to the tracked on the 85 -year-old owner and return the long lost that's the news at 5:00 a.m. them. news at 6:00 a.m. begins right now. today is wednesday wednesday february 24. my name is wayne dawson let's geton right to scott sabol who haswh very important information if that is raining.r we do have a very small threat for someal freezing rain along the
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were in the mid- 30s here att fox 8 there's shiloh cold air at the surface with all lot of warmth over readiness freezing rain isre just rain that falls and then it sometimes does tend to freeze on contact and glaze on the road but there have been salt trucks out there that threat will be ending after theth morning rush.r look at barberton and over approaching 40 already. alliance right noww at 38 his the temperatures spread this afternoon will go from lower 50s south of akron and probably drop the temperatures in cleveland a little bitan lower middle 40s after the rest will have a huge range in temperature the snow, we will see some of it but not until late tonight into early tomorrown morning it's a rainy forecastor with all thoughth of line cold wind initially most of us will be into the middle


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